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Octopus Arcade Stick - White

Octopus Arcade Stick - White

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A small surplus beyond the crowdfunded units is available to order now. Don’t miss your chance to own one of these exclusive first batch units shipping July 2024.

Experience the ultimate in arcade gaming with the Octopus Arcade Stick, the first mass-produced arcade stick featuring a swappable layouts. Designed for serious gamers, the Octopus brings unparalleled customization and precision.


Customizable Layouts Comes standard with a Sega 2P layout and is compatible with additional OctoLayouts including Viewlix, Noir, and HitBox.
Premium Materials Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum.
Versatile Compatibility Supports 20+ platforms
Authentic Components Equipped with high-quality Sanwa joystick and buttons, and compatible with leverless Korean joysticks.
12-Month Warranty

Featured in Retro Gamer Magazine’s 20th anniversary edition and praised by major gaming publications such as RetroDodo, Time Extension, Dreamcast Junkyard and more.

Why Choose The Octopus Arcade Stick?

Pro-Level Performance
Built for Gamers by Gamers
Ultra Customizable

What’s in the Box

Octopus Arcade Stick
Default OctoLayout (Sega 2P)
Reverse Printed OctoPlate
USB-C Cable - Compatible with PS3, PS4, PS5 (fight games only), Switch, Xbox 360, PS Classic, MegaDrive Mini, NeoGeo Mini, Astro City Mini, MiSTer FPGA, RetroPie, and other Raspberry Pi apps, X-Input devices.
Cleaning Cloth

Customization Options

OctoLayouts Swap the default Sega 2P layout with additional OctoLayouts (Viewlix, Noir, Hit Box)
OctoPlates Customise and personalise the look of your Octopus with our limited edition reverse printed clear PVC OctoPlates.

Compatibility List

Thanks to our partnership with Brook Gaming, your Octopus is compatible with over 20+ platforms, including:

PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 (fight games only)
Steam Deck
Mister FPGA
Xbox 360
Classic Mini Systems: PS Classic, MegaDrive Mini, NeoGeo Mini, Astro City Mini
Neo Geo AES
RetroPie, and other Raspberry Pi apps
X-Input devices

Specific cables required for some platforms available separately.

Why Choose The Octopus Arcade Stick?

Ultimate Control Pro joystick layout offers optimal precision for executing combos and counters.
Customizable Experience Tailor your Octopus with changeable buttons, layouts, OctoPlates™, and joysticks.
Retro Feel OctoPlates™ built with materials from original Japanese arcade machines bring nostalgia right to your fingertips.
For All Gamers Whether you’re an elite pro-gamer or a casual player, the Octopus enhances your gaming experience.

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