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Astro City ¥100 Sticker - Neon Green and Pink

Astro City ¥100 Sticker - Neon Green and Pink

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Elevate your Astro City arcade setup with our stunning ¥100 sticker, available in vibrant neon green and pink colours. Here's why this sticker stands out:

Redrawn and Vectorized Art: The artwork has been meticulously redrawn and vectorized for optimum visual impact.

Screen Print Method: Each sticker is crafted using the screen print method, ensuring long-lasting quality and durability.

Authentic Colours: We use real neon green and pink colours, replicating the original sticker's hues.

Black Light Reactive: The neon green and pink colours glow vibrantly under black light, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your setup.

Sparkling Effect: Our stickers feature a sparkling effect that mirrors the original, adding a unique touch to your arcade cabinet.

Choose the Astro City ¥100 Sticker in neon green and pink for a visually captivating and durable enhancement to your arcade experience.

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