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TR Dreamcase Metal Shell

TR Dreamcase Metal Shell

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As Seen on Macho Nacho Productions

Dreamcase is the NexGen easy install metal shell for Dreamcast.


  • Metallic Silver Automotive Paint
  • Soft Touch Plastic Parts
  • No Heat Issue with GDEMU
  • Blue and RED Backlight
  • Compatible with GDEMU TerraOnion MODE and DCHDMI
  • Uses DC 12v Mini Power Supply
  • Extender PCB for SD-Card 
  • Game Swap Button for GDEMU
  • Compatible with 56k Modem and DreamPİ
  • 40mm Fan Support - Noctua compatible
  • GD-ROM or USB-GDROM NOT supported

You'll also need
12v adapter 
Dreamcast console
40mm Fan

Instructional Install Video

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