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TMX Arcade Stick CASE

TMX Arcade Stick CASE

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The Buttons and Joystick and Brook Fighting PCB are not included. We DO NOT Sell Japanese Stlye Buttons.

  • Case Size is: 40 x 22,5 x 6 CM
  • Supports Brook Universal Fighting Board, Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus, Brooke Wireless Fighting Board, Brook Zero Pi
  • Metal Case
  • Special Automotive Paint
  • 1MM Lexan PVC. Same material which used on the Candy Cabinet Control Panels. (It was Pleksiglass before )
  • USB Quick Disconnect
  • Supports Sanwa, Seimitsu, Korean Joystick and others. ( Only Sanwa and Seimitsu supported before ) Does not support the Seimitsu Nobi or similarly sized levers 
  • Interchangeable Layout System. People can choose their favorite layouts. Including Hitbox . (Check the pictures please )
  • Stainless Steel Layouts
  • L3/R3/Toucpad Buttons have been added. ( It wasnt supported before )(Crown 24mm buttons are not supported as option buttons)
  • DP/LS/RS Switch has been added. ( It wasnt supported before )
  • Custom PCB for Easy Wiring. Solderness Design for all the layouts.
  • Quick Disconnect USB
  • Aluminium Feet
  • Harnesses for Button And Joystick.

  • Plexi on the bottom removed and it is now fully steel.
  • Weight : 3.2 KG Around



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